Penis enlargement – home methods and exercises

Men are able to do a lot to increase penis size, but they are reluctant to talk about their complexes and rarely seek help from doctors. That is why home methods and exercises for penis enlargement are so popular. We should remember, however, that these methods are rarely able to replace the achievements of modern medicine.

Small penis – what affects penis size?

The small member complex is a taboo subject, so although more than half of Poles would like to have a larger birth, few report this problem to a sexologist or andrologist. Before they break the resistance, they try to enlarge the penis on their own. They do not know, however, that the size of the penis is influenced not only by genetics and belonging to a specific population, but also by lifestyle and cardiovascular diseases.

The reduction of the penis may be affected by poor blood supply to the cavernous and spongy bodies, as well as obesity. Fat folds on the abdomen make the penis appear smaller, because part of the section with corpus cavernosum is hidden in the adipose tissue. Therefore, anyone who wants to take care not only of the condition, but also of the size of their penis, should first of all go on a healthy diet and take care of physical activity.

Penis enlargement – male Kegel exercises

Exercising the Kegel muscle`s , i.e. the muscles of the pelvic floor, is recommended primarily for women to prevent or treat stress urinary incontinence and to enhance sexual experiences. It turns out, however, that men can also reach for them, because they facilitate the blood supply to the penis and increase its size during erection. Where to look for male Kegel muscles? In men, they are located between the anus and the scrotum. The exercise consists in alternately stretching and relaxing them, preferably in the supine position, with the knees bent. The tension should last 3 seconds and should be repeated about 40 times a day.

Increasing the size of the penis – stretching exercises

There are special weights available on the market that are designed to stretch the penis. However, sexologists do not recommend their use because they can lead to many side effects, e.g. penile ischemia.

However, you can try to stretch your penis without a load. The penis in a resting state must be grasped with your thumb and three fingers, and then gently stretched so as not to feel pain and discomfort. You need to hold the stretched member for 15-30 seconds and then repeat the action several times. Anyway, you need to massage the penis to restore proper blood circulation. Exercise can be done daily in the shower, while urinating or at bedtime.

Penis enlargement exercise – jelqing

Jelqing has its roots in the ancient Arab method of penis enlargement and is similar to masturbation. The man should firmly put his hand around the base of the penis (it must be semi-hard) and move it towards the glans. The movement should swell the penis, but it shouldn’t ejaculate. Exercises performed successively may stretch the tissues, but be careful not to cause abrasions and irritation of the epidermis. Jelqing can be done 5-7 times a week for 30-40 minutes.

Another form of jelqing is to make 30 circular movements with the member to one side (hold it around the glans), then stretch it forward until it is tightly stretched. The exercise should be repeated three times, then rest for a while, massage the penis and perform the exercise in the opposite direction. Finally, a hot compress will come in handy.

If you get an erection during any of the exercises, stop and continue training after your erection has subsided.

Penis enlargement – a pharmacological method

An alternative to exercise are also preparations based on plant extracts. Apart from the impact on the size of the penis, they usually also have other positive effects, e.g. they increase potency, extend the duration of sex, etc. This method is certainly less invasive than stretching the penis with weights.

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